Free Speech Fridays: Ann Cuddy – “Your body language shapes who you are”

Transferring to UCLA was a tough transition for me. I left the cozy and familiar landscape of my community college and arrived at a large university blooming with life and surrounded by intricately designed libraries. At some point, I felt the place was too nice for me. Feelings of doubt consumed me as I sat as still as the walls in my first classroom of over a hundred students. I began to tell myself, “I’m not supposed to be here.” However, I soon discovered that I was not alone; many other UCLA students felt the same way, even non-transfer students.

In the above video, Ann Cuddy presents her remarkable studies on how our body language can help change our minds and the way we perceive ourselves. She offers her own personal story on dealing with feeling simply lucky and not truly belonging at a prestigious university. Also, she follows up with how her mindset changed and her ability to handle stress strengthened through the use of body language. Though it’s a little lengthy, this video is well worth the watch!

Post submitted by: Christina Trieu


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