Thursday Take-Off: Break time, Wake time!


Beep beep beep! My alarm goes off, and it’s that time again – trying to survive the week, deprived of sleep, through the back-to-back schedule of work, school, volunteer, clubs, and other commitments. Between the list of things – the art of living – how can we stay physically active every day? Health is essential to life, yet we often place it on the back-burner because we feel we have little or no time left in the day. We try to substitute our lack of sleep with a cup of coffee, eat our way to brain power, sit all day waiting for a performance – for our brains to perform for us – while our bodies stay still, inactive, and unused. Many of my friends, peers, and co-workers seem to rely on a caffeinated drink to get them through the day, but  perhaps there is a better way to make our minds alert, without the jitteriness from that coffee bitterness. What are some ways that we can stay alert throughout our busy schedule days?

Instead of going on that five minute coffee break, we could potentially close the door to our cubicle, pop in our headphones, and dance to music for a good five minutes. This fun activity would allow for body movement, something that our bodies crave throughout the day and need in order to get our blood flowing, our brains going, and maybe even a smile showing! Or if dancing isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other options: push-ups, jumping jacks, planking, sit-ups, jogging in place, or even walking around campus – taking the stairs. All of these physical activities can be done in the comfort of your cubicle, except for the latter – which allows you to enjoy the scenery outside and grab some fresh air. These little physically active breaks can do wonders for your body and especially the mind, increasing your energy throughout the day and keeping you mentally engaged in your work or study. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed or unable to concentrate, get up and breathe deeply. Do a quick physical activity that will increase your heart rate and force you to breathe, letting out all the bad air and taking in fresh new energy. Now that we’ve discussed some options of how to re-energize our bodies and minds without caffeine, what physical activity will you do on your next break?

Also, though physical activity is important, we can also use breaks for a mental detoxification. What are some other ways we can maximize the use of our breaks so that we’re not dragging our feet to the end, but instead, enjoying the rest of our day?


Post submitted by Christina


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