To what extent do you shape your life?


This week I got to thinking, “How did I get to where I am today?”

I have to give myself at least some credit for having made it to a university with food to eat and a roof over my shoulders (albeit the debt it’s causing me) but I often question whether it was my abilities or if I happened to just be fortunate. What allowed me to overcome the obstacles given to me and was there ever a specific moment that determined my fate? And surpassing these circumstances, what has then molded me into the person who is passionate about some things, and turned off by others? Why do I think the way I do and what has impacted my view of this world?

When you think about the circles you come from (family, friends, school, “home”), you have to consider what allows you to experience certain events and ask yourself whether these particular conditions add up to who you are or if you had any power over them. Did Lady Luck smile upon you or did your own prowess get you to where you are today?

So how much control do you think you had in shaping you life?

Post submitted by Kelly


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