Some Adjunct Professors Are Living In Severe Conditions

Many of us who were on the UCLA campus last Thursday know about the TA strike that happened. The teaching assistants who dedicate their time and energy to shaping and sharpening our minds are not paid enough. Now, here is a report (courtesy of PBS Newshour) that tells us that universities are shortchanging another group of their teaching staff: adjunct professors.

There are many questions to be raised, and the video raises them. Why exactly are adjunct professors paid so little? Why do these underpaid workers remain in these jobs for ten, fifteen years? The statement that struck me was when one of the people being interviewed said “No one forces them to be adjunct professors” and immediately I thought of the relationship between labor and capitalist, where on the surface it seems like an equal rights contract between two consenting partners but in reality, is made less equitable by virtue of labor not having much of a choice. It is sad then, that the relationship between teachers and universities is similar to that between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.

I hope you watch the video till the end, and come up with your own opinion on the issue.

Post Submitted by Kanyin


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