Deadly Truck and Bus Crash


Last Thursday, tragedy struck when a FedEx truck collided with a charter school bus full of LA high school students.  The result was explosive and, for ten people inside the vehicles, proved to be fatal.

Here is what reporters know:

A CHP dispatcher says the bus and truck were on opposite sides of the freeway when the truck crossed a grass median and slammed into the bus, causing an explosion and fire.

Investigators say the truck driver might have been trying to avoid a passenger car that was also involved in the crash, which shut down north- and south-bound traffic on the freeway…

A first responder who helped set up a triage at the scene said 36 or 37 people received injuries ranging from severe to minor burns, broken legs and noses and head lacerations…

Wyman [with the Orland Volunteer Fire Department] said when he drove a water truck to the highway, both the bus and truck were fully engulfed in flames, sending thick, dark smoke into the air.

This tragic event closely followed news I’d received a few weeks earlier of the death of a high school friend, who was killed in a car accident.  I suppose this is one of the reasons why I am so shocked and devastated to hear about what has happened.

It is inevitable in light of death for us to consider how it clings to us.  Only one thought floods my mind: so stupid.  So, so stupid.  Maybe that’s not the right word to use, but all I could think of was the waste of life– beautiful, precious life– and what made it even more frustrating was that I really have no one to blame.  There is no simple black-and-white answer of what someone did or didn’t do (in these cases, these someones being the FedEx driver and my friend’s friend who was driving) that directly caused these things to happen, but perhaps it is better that way.  Only one thing is certain: these people are gone.  I am still trying to make sense of what has happened, and I constantly catch myself drifting… feeling distant from even my closest friends, lacking the motivation or desire to dedicate myself to my work, unable to find the words to properly express the turmoil that simultaneously rages and trickles inside me.  Far from reaching a sense of peace in either situation, I know that much time will pass before I am able to accept what has happened–to these ten people, and to my friend.

You can read the latest news on the event here.


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