What would your last text say?

“Mom, I want to say this before it’s too late. I love you.”

This was one text message sent by a student to her mother as she was trapped on the ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea earlier this week. She is among the 290 people, mostly high school students, who are still missing.

It freaks me out to imagine myself a few hours before certain death. But the thought makes its way into my mind from time to time, and I can’t help but explore the idea. Who would I contact? What would I say? What would I think? What would I regret?

I would probably vomit. But I would also try to use the opportunity to reach out to all of the people who have made an impression on me throughout my life. I would definitely tell them that I love them. But I also like to think that I would have the time and the mental strength to comfort the people I would be leaving behind. To tell them that it’s OK. To bring up the last thing we laughed about and laugh one more time, or to recall the last thing we fought about and laugh about that, too.

No one wakes up thinking they’re going to experience a life-threatening disaster. It could happen to you or me just as easily as it happened to the Korean students on that ferry, on a normal day, just a few miles away from home, in the middle of a pleasant conversation. I like to think that I’m slightly prepared to send my potentially last text. What would you say in yours?

Post submitted by Jacob.


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