Self Reflection Through Memoir

Every now and then, we experience that urge, the impulse to step out of our comfort zones and break a routine fueled by a rush of unbeknownst courage with a splice of enthusiasm. There are moments when we decide, without being asked, without being forced, to finally speak up in class—tackle the scariest roller coaster in the park—or pick the spiciest item off of the menu. Fears confronted, worries somewhat relieved—it is within these moments and through these challenges that we experience immense growth and truly cultivate a new corner of our inner self.

This week, the WSP team was asked to creatively “remember” a time in which they deliberately pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones. The team then illustrated these moments in pieces of creative nonfiction, or memoirs, personal life stories of inner debacles, fear, and exploration. This activity challenged them to be not only critical thinkers and skilled writers, but storytellers. We delved deep and brought ourselves back to these moments to discover what compelled us to take these risks, how we grew from these experiences, and how these instances reshaped or reinforced what we consider to be our comfort zones.

These are our moments of minute triumph. We hope you’re inspired to take the plunge. 


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