The Crises of Capitalism

I found this video entertaining for three reasons. First, David Harvey’s accent and articulation are abundantly pleasing to the ear. Second, the little hand with the marker that illustrates Harvey’s ideas is witty and brilliant. Finally, Harvey’s lecture provides a fresh perspective on why the United States has experienced an economic downturn in 2008 and how this can be attributed to many of the behaviors that Americans consider natural.

I don’t understand all of the economic theory that Harvey puts forth, but at the very least, I came away from this video with an understanding that there are socialists who can remark on capitalism without coming off as radical or hostile toward capitalists. For a sober, nuanced perspective on how intelligent yet mistaken people contributed to our current economic woes and how Marxism may contain some wisdom on how this could be avoided next time around, take a look at this video.

Post submitted by Jacob.


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