What was the last album you listened to from start to finish?


If you’ve never plugged in your headphones or busted out the speakers and dedicated some time to a well thought out album/set list, you’re missing out.

Most artists used to put a lot of thought into the album track order. Singers and songwriters wanted to take you on a musical journey; setting the mood, adjusting the pacing, depicting a narrative. In more recent years however, selective arrangement seems to be a dying art that is being replaced to mirror record sales or numbers of hits on the radio.

The amount of streaming done and the multi-tasking generation we’ve become has completely changed the way music is viewed as well. The attention span of a consumer is much shorter than artist’s would like to imagine so snagging in an audience as quickly as possible is the way record labels strategize albums and performances.

So here’s the challenge: If you haven’t ever spent time to listen to a whole album (it can be spread out throughout the day), try it and see what you think. Would putting the songs in a different order make a difference or is there something the artist is expressing to his listeners in the way he/she has created his/her album? How do you feel about the music now that there is set structure?

If you have a particular album that you’re already fond of, share it!

Post submitted by Kelly



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