If you wrote a song, what would it be about?


We all have our anthems. The songs that accurately express what we’re feeling – even better, no, much better than we can. There are the perfect breakup songs. The perfect teenage love songs. The perfect songs to listen to in a convertible with your closest girlfriends on a road trip. But it seems like there are certain things we feel, that have not yet been made into music and lyrics. For example, what do you listen to when you’re tired and malcontent, and want mild stimulation? It’s not quite relaxation music that you’re looking for.

It seems – more so nowadays – that majority of the songs being made are about love. But, don’t we, as humans have a much wider range of emotions? If I had musical ability, I would write a song about the half-underwhelming, half-head rush feeling I get when I finish writing something that I’m proud of. Or a song about wanting to be someone’s friend, but not quite knowing how to facilitate the process.

So, guys, if you had a guitar on hand – or James Brown’s band at your disposal – what song would you write?

Post Submitted by Kanyin



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