That’s Not A Word!

Hello all! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I spent the last couple days doing alot of work and foresee the rest of this week filled with caffeine and sleep deprivation. Hopefully you, reader, get alot of rest and good food in your system though.

So, did any of you spot the grammar mistake in that last paragraph? Probably not. This culprit has become common place in writing and communication but continues to prevail.

Alot is not a word!

Despite the simple fix of putting a space in between ‘a’ and ‘lot’, this alien word, alot, has stuck around. In addition, I find some using the word ‘allot’ in place of the correct word as well. Because of this, I’m going to break the concept down.

A lot 

Meaning: A large amount.

When to you: When you want to describe an excessive quantity of something.


Meaning: To give or apportion something.

When to use: When you want to indicate that something has been assigned or doled out.


Meaning: N/A

When to use: NEVER.

It’s the little things in grammar and writing that count. Please take the time to read this post on how one blogger feels about this grammar mistake too! She has provided her own artwork to convey the message more clearly. Enjoy!

Post submitted by Kelly


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