How do you utilize social media?


What’s on your mind?

Currently, this is the writing prompt that Facebook offers its users in regards to status updates.

What’s on my mind?

Well, I just finished my paper—perhaps the most torturous and poorly-written paper of my college career. I can’t tell if the grumbling at the pit of my stomach is a result of the disgust I have for my paper or hunger. My roommate is sleeping—a light snore from behind—a reminder that I will get minimal rest tonight. This morning? It’s that awkward period of time that is too late to be night but too early to be morning…

This, what I have just written, is what’s really on my mind. However, I am not going to go and pour my stream of consciousness into the newsfeeds of my five hundred-plus Facebook friends.

You see, while Facebook asks its users, “What’s on your mind?” I ask myself, “If you could say anything to the world right now, what would it be?”

I admit to being a Facebook addict. Facebook gives me the opportunity to deliberately craft an identity. On Facebook, I can present to people the best version of myself. My Facebook identity is by no means fake or fictional. Rather, it features the parts of me that I want people to see, such as my musings and my artwork.

I could tell people about how satisfying my Chipotle meal was or how much I am craving an ice blended drink. Or how I have an unhealthy addiction to the aforementioned ice blended drinks. I could rant to cyberspace about all of the readings that I have to do, the essays that I have to write. I could share every result to every Buzzfeed quiz that I have ever taken.

But I personally do not think any of that says very much about who I am.

Now, I understand that Facebook and social media in general should not be taken all that seriously. However, I also do not believe that it has to be treated as a joke.

Now, I’ll hand it over to you, folks. How do you utilize social media?

Post submitted by JoAnna 


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