Write With Others



“You should write with somebody,” a friend suggested to me, when I complained about writer’s block. I initially thought, Oh, what bull, I’m awesome, I don’t need to work with someone else. I have great ideas. 

Still, I took his advice, and boy has it been great. For anyone out there who wants to make a career in writing, be it academic or creative, or who just enjoys the art, writing with other people is one of the best experiences you can have. Especially since the process of writing is so arduous. There’s just something about sharing your thoughts with someone and they’re making it theirs, and vice versa that hits you right in the feels. The characters/scenes you’re creating are products of your imagination, your innermost thoughts… so that when you and your partner(s) create, it’s a very similar feeling to having created a child with a loved one. It just feels right. And it definitely brings you closer. So, if you have a friend who’s also a writer (you guys don’t have to specialize in the same things), hit them up, let them know that you want to create with them. I promise it will be rewarding.

“You should write with somebody!” is the advice I leave you with this beautiful Monday morning.

Post submitted by Kanyin



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