The Leaders Among Us: Presenting the Janet Brown Memorial Scholarship Winners

At the Writing Success Program we are overjoyed to interact with thoughtful, intentional, diligent students every single day. We embrace every moment of mindfulness, appreciate the students who grapple with the material at hand, and are humbled to stumble across the most exceptional students of our time.

In this pursuit of intellectual interaction we are proud to boast the winners of the 2014 Janet Brown Memorial Scholarship. In the essence of the scholarship’s namesake we present to you some of the most extraordinary students, remarkable leaders, and warriors of UCLA’s campus. These students have not only demonstrated a journey of achievement, but embody leaders that have materialized their triumph over obstacles into inspirational students that lead this campus in a multiplicity of ways.

We invite you to read their excerpts as guest bloggers who have shared their thoughts on what they perceive to be leadership, their leadership styles, and what leadership means to them.

We honor and appreciate the 2014 cohort of Janet Brown Memorial Scholarship Winners!



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