A Love Letter to Life

A love letter is an ancient way to express one’s feelings for another in the form of writing.  The sentiment of these letters can range from devotion to disappointment, excitement to resignation.  A love letter can even be written to life, which is precisely what our team at the Writing Success Program did.

As we approach the twilight of another school year, we have written these letters as a way of reflecting upon and evaluating our unique experiences of life up until now– whether it is a letter to specific people we care about, an exposition of all the major points in our life, or addressed to life itself. Our only rule was that it must be a love letter.

Each member of our team now challenges you to do the same: Put away your computer, pull out a blank piece of paper and a pen and start writing. Challenge yourself to communicate in a very personal way what is most important to you and what you love– whether it’s something that makes you happy, frustrated, excited, angry, or all of the above.



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