Ask yourself: What are your safe spaces?


Having been a student at UCLA for two years, I know this campus pretty well. There are certain, physical spaces on this campus that I’ve gravitated towards—the sculpture garden, the Humanities Building, the Student Activities Center. Each space inspires a certain mood or mentality; each space offers me a degree of comfort that other parts of campus do not.

When I began working here at WSP, I found a new space for myself.

In the corner of the office we have here, there’s this window, in front of which there’s a wooden seat (photographed to the right). In between my counseling sessions, staff meetings, and classes, I would sit here, reading, writing—sometimes I would just curl up here and think. Over time, it became my spot: my co-workers and friends began to identify it as “JoAnna’s Nook.”

On such a huge campus, it feels comforting to have such a small, cozy space to retreat to. I can see the grandiose Royce Hall from the window; it reminds me of my Bruinhood. But, looking the other direction, I see the office space I work in—I can see the WSP office. This reminds me of the smaller, much more intimate community that I belong to, the community of student leaders that work every day to connect to and empower their peers. And looking forward, down, up, I remember my own individuality, my independence. My uniqueness. I suppose that’s why I like this small space: in such a grand institution, it is nice to feel like I have a space for myself.

So, readers—what are your safe spaces?

Post submitted by JoAnna 


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