NCAA to pay student athletes

The NCAA voted Thursday to allow 65 teams from the so-called Big 5 power conferences—the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, and SEC, plus Notre Dame, a football independent that is now a member of the ACC in other sports—to make their own rules.

For many years now, college sports have been recognized in the popular imaginary as a cash cow. The schools and corporations involved in the business of organizing them receive incredibly substantial gains from them. The student athletes however, whose labor much of this depends on, have not been able to share in this bounty. Now that the power conferences have more autonomy, they can remedy the situation. Student athletes will now be eligible to receive stipends in addition to scholarships that cover their full cost of attendance.

For many this move is only a step in the right direction, while others worry about the consequences it might have on the ‘amateur’ status of these athletes. They believe that treating athletes as employees is incompatible with education.

“The NCAA cannot fall prey to phony arguments about student welfare when the real goal of some of these so-called reformers is create a plutocracy,” Boise State president Bob Kustra wrote in statement in May, “that serves no useful purpose in American higher education.”

Whatever the case may be, I am glad that the NCAA is thinking about and taking steps to ensure the welfare of these students.

For more information, consult Time magazine:

Post submitted by Kanyin


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