Drinking Coffee Elsewhere (ZZ Packer)

zz packer bw

Instead of suggesting full-length books, I will be changing things up from now on. As someone who hopes to go into literary research, the only full-length books I read are thick headache-inducing texts about colonialism and madness like Bessie Head’s A Question of Power. However, I do still read for fun, thanks to that wonderful invention that is the short story! I have discovered so many awesome short stories in the past few years that I think you would all really enjoy. So, look forward to a series of excellent short stories that I will be recommending to you. Since it is summer, short stories are perfect because no matter how deep and mysterious they are, you can read them in one sitting! They’re very low commitment. I will be starting us off with one of the best short stories I’ve read: ZZ Packer’s “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere.”

ZZ Packer is one of those writers that became famous while still very young because of just how genius she is. When I read “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere,” I immediately sent it to a friend of mine who was also trying to make sense of being black in an Ivy League college. The story itself wasn’t that similar to their own experiences but we both agreed that we felt something change in our psyches as we were reading and when we finished reading it. That we were both changed by this very short piece of writing is testament to how well-done it is. It’s quick, it’s funny, it’s sad. It’s real. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to read “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”

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