Victory Music (by Daniel José Older)

Daniel Jose Oldermusic_by_melintelinas-d3aall1

Describing this story, writer Akwaeke Zara Emezi (@azemezi) tweeted, “In which @djolder writes a character who’s in between like me. peace to liminal spaces.”

Liminal spaces. To be “liminal” means to occupy a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold or as A. Z. Emezi put it, to be in between.

This story is already deserving of merit because it so deftly and kindly portrays a character that is between genders, between identities, but then it doesn’t stop there. It gives a language to people who don’t know how to place themselves in relation to others, who feel a gnawing emptiness. It’s also fantastical, for those of us who are interested in sci-fi and magical realism. It’s believable fantasy though, which makes it even more relatable despite the idiosyncrasy of the protagonist. It’s also a fun, quick, sweet read. Like a small bar of dark chocolate kisses.

Read the story here

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