Renisha McBride Killer Sentenced

“From my fear, I caused the loss of a life that was too young to leave this world. And for that, I carry that guilt and sorrow forever,” Wafer said.

Last November, Theodore Wafer shot and killed Renisha McBride who had knocked on the front door of his home in Dearborn Heights, just outside Detroit. She was a young black woman and he was scared.

Last month, a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter. Today, he was sentenced by Judge Dana Hathaway to 15 to 30 years for the second-degree murder charge as well as 7 to 15 years for the manslaughter charges. He will serve at least 17 years in prison.

I am glad  that Wafer recognizes the grave mistake he made, and that justice was served in this case. I look forward to the day where black bodies are no longer regarded with fear.


Post submitted by Kanyin


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