The Modern Laugh

When is the last time you really laughed?

Oh, and I don’t mean merely a polite chuckle. I am talking about laughter that comes from the depths of your stomach; howling that causes tears to stream down your cheeks and your sides to ache with pleasure.

As I try desperately to answer my own question, my mind goes blank. When, where, and why are the queries that fill my mind, that probe into my subconscious. Finally I realize that I do not remember. And yet, I mindlessly type the words “lol”, “haha”, and “lmbo” several times a day.

Is this more common than I thought? Does everyone write “rolling on the floor laughing” with a straight face? It seems like such terms that express positive emotion and happiness have lost meaning-if they ever had one in the first place. They have become filler words in stale conversation, sugary remedies used to smooth over speech that otherwise may not read too nice when viewed via text message.

Take a moment to think about your last real laugh. Lol I’ll wait.

Post submitted by Sharila


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