The Power of Introverts

Introversion: The act of directing one’s attention toward or getting gratification from one’s own interests, thoughts, and feelings.

Contrary to popular belief, to be introverted is not be shy or antisocial; it is simply a personality trait in which you gain energy by being alone and expend energy when around others. This is the opposite case for extroverts, who recharge by interacting with other individuals. Neither classification is good or bad, positive or negative–each is simply different.

However, introversion is often viewed as a detrimental trait by most of society. As Susan Cain, the author of Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking states, she constantly “got the message that somehow [her] quiet and introverted style of being was not necessarily the right way to go–that [she] should be trying to pass as more of an extrovert. Unfortunately, as an introvert myself, I am all too familiar with such a stigma.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Click here to find out.

If you are an extrovert, click here.

If you are an introvert, click here.


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