Wednesday Addams

Growing up, I loved watching the Addams Family movies (if unfamiliar with the Addams please read over The Addams Family History section). I saw the Addams as funny, entertaining, and differentAs a kid, I didn’t understand why I liked the Addams so much, especially Wednesday, the Addams’ only daughter.

In the clip found above (from The Addams Family Values (1993)), Wednesday (playing Pocahontas) and her brother Pugsley (playing the turkey) are sent to summer camp. At camp, they find themselves shunned because of how different they are. In one scene they’re forced to watch Disney movies to try and assimilate to the customs of the other campers. The Thanksgiving play is the climax of Wednesday and Pugsley’s stay at the camp.

Wednesday leads her brother and other campers in a revolt that starts with her monologue on the eventual fall of the Native Americans. I really love this scene because it represents so much. First all of the people at the camp, besides Wednesday and her followers are blonde, perky, cheery campers. Wednesday and her troop are the oddballs, given “inferior” roles because of their “faults” as campers.

Wednesday, in many ways, represents a FEMINIST. She is unwilling to conform to the stereotypes put on young girls. She hardly smiles, always wears black, and does not partake in “normal” girly activities. She stands on her own and does not believe in following the stereotypical path women should follow.

Anyone interested in Wednesday, or any of the other Addams, should consider re-watching their movies. Watching them again as a 20 year old brought to light a lot of things I missed as a kid.

The Addams Family History

The Addams Family was first created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. The Addams family appeared in various cartoons published by The New Yorker, the first cartoon appearing in 1938. The Addams Family was Charles Addams’ way of representing a satirical reversal of the ideal American family. Dressed in all black, morbid, and all brunettes, the Addams were not your typical American family.

In 1964 the Addams family moved onto television, getting their own. This was when the Addams were first fleshed into life. After 1964, the Addams family made appearances in different cartoons and there was even an Addams family musical that toured the world. In 1991, the Addams hit the big screen with The Addams Family and the 1993 sequel The Addams Family Values.

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