Writing Apps!

Have trouble starting, organizing, or revising your paper? Maybe you just need a little help, or a little app to do the work for you. This week’s Monday Money writing tip is dedicated to 3 online apps that are visually appealing and helpful when brainstorming ideas, structuring arguments, or just finding awkward run-on sentences. First up is….the brainstorming app. 


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When your ideas are too complex or numerous to fit on paper, Coggle can help. Coggle, is a simple, easy to use app dedicated to the art of brainstorming and mind mapping. You can add and remove as many branches as you like and go into different subcategories as well. The application also supports images and you can drag them into your map right from your desktop. One of the best things about Coggle is that it allows you to collaborate with others. This is a great feature for anyone working on a group project. Best of all, it’s free and online. To learn more visit their website here.

OUTLINING – Oak, The Plain Text Outliner

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 Oak is the most minimal oulining platform out there. Simple and easy to use, Oak requires no login, all you have to do is type. Oak lets you hide your sections with the click of a button, letting you focus on what’s important. What I like most about Oak is that in full screen mode it can turn into a distraction free writing zone. To learn more about Oak and how to use it please visit them here.

REVISING – Hemingway Editor

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There are a couple reasons why I love the Hemingway Editor, the first is its use of color. After copying and pasting your writing into the editor, the app highlights long sentences, adverbs, and passive voice phrases in five different colors. This helps you visually break down your writing. You can see if you’re using too many long sentences, if you’re depending too much on adverbs and if there are words or phrases you can shorten or simplify. This is a good app to use if you keep getting papers with comments like “run-on,” “simplify,” or “shorten.” To learn more about the Hemingway Editor visit the web app here.

Let us know if you find any other helpful writing apps. Happy writing! 🙂

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