What If You Would Never Walk Again?


What would you do if you would never walk again?

This question has added significance to me at this time because recently my mother was hit by a van. Luckily, she survived, but has several injuries that will inhibit her from walking for as much as a year. Seeing her in such a state has really raised that question in my mind. Our lives can change in an instant. Imagine that one moment you are walking across the street, and the next moment you awaken in a hospital bed surrounded by IVs and anxious faces. The doctor comes in and tells you that you will never walk again.

When I ponder this scenario, I am genuinely at an utter and total loss. I dream of a future studded with awards and exotic travels, of a career as a powerful, well-regarded attorney. And then I wonder what if I couldn’t walk? Everything would change. Something as simple as getting across campus from class to class would be a difficulty.

The little things we take for granted. Think for a moment about what you overlook in your day to day life. How something as simple as taking a shower becomes a momentous occasion for those who have no use of their legs. How running across a field is something virtually impossible for a large percentage of the population.

How would your life change if you could never walk again?


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