American Gods

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Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is an award-winning novel that weaves ancient mythology with modern neo-noir sensibilities. It’s a detective yarn, chock-full of the exploration of the darker, weaker, and cowardly aspects of the so-called human spirit. Gaiman, at the top of his game, explains – through his particular cosmology – why Americans (read: humans) behave the way they do in this, the so-called age of science and reason. Ever wonder why some people collect the most peculiar things – sometimes mundane, sometimes extraordinary – and always manage to draw visitors to their inadvertent shrines? It is not mere coincidence at work, but something far more driven – far more sinister.

In an interview for The New Yorker, he describes the germination for the book thusly: “I got fascinated by the things that I thought were really weird that nobody else except me seemed to think were weird.” The same article describes the book as, “a novel that imagines immigrants to the United States bringing the deities of their home countries with them, and then, seduced by modern life, slowly abandoning them.”

Posted by Paul Yim


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