What Would You Do If You Could Restart?

A plot of Edward Lorenz's strange attractor.
A plot of Edward Lorenz’s strange attractor.

Sometimes my roommate asks me what I would differently if I could re-do high school. Most of the time she receives the same answer.

“Nothing,” I say.

She is always befuddled by my one word reply. “Really?” She questions, poking at my brain. “You wouldn’t do anything different? You wouldn’t study more or take more risks?”

“No. Not really,” I say with a shrug of the shoulders.


“Because all the decisions that I made, stupid or smart, were what made me. If I went back and did something different maybe I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

“But what if you could be something better?”

She does bring up a good point. Why not save myself some moments of embarrassment or give myself a bit of an edge in life. There must be some benefit to knowing what might happen before it does but then again how would any of this information matter?

Call me a firm believer in the butterfly effect when I say that I wouldn’t restart anything even if I could. I admit that I might face points of weakness (like when I break a cup I really like or when I find myself being too clumsy for my own good) but in retrospect, I will almost always say I wouldn’t do anything over again. What if one little change brought me down a new path, one that kept me from the friends and experiences I have now? I have a life I’m unwilling to haggle.

Yet, I’m still curious as to what might happen if I did go back and change something. How would my life be today?

For this Thursday Take-Off I implore all of you to ask yourself if you would re-do any moment of your life. What moment would you or would you not choose? How would this moment change your life? Maybe write a story about it just to see what it would be like.

Happy dreaming.

_Effect of Butterfly_ by Anastasiya Markovich
Effect of Butterfly by Anastasiya Markovich

Post by Gaby


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