What do you do to feel more confident?


Last Friday, I went to the gym.

It had been a long time since I’d stepped foot in the Wooden Center. I’m talking months. Many months. An embarrassing amount of months.

But today was the day. I put on my Nikes. I rocked that ponytail. I dug up my running shorts from the bottom of my drawer.

Frankly, when I walked into the gym that Friday morning, I was nervous. Everyone around me seemed to know what they were doing. The people stretching on the mats contorted their body in ways that made my eyes sore. Those lifting weights outside had, like, actual triceps. The girls on the treadmills barely broke a sweat.

I approached an elliptical, eyeing a girl nearby with arms almost as beautiful as Michelle Obama’s. It’s okay, I told myself, stepping onto the contraption. You have to start somewhere.  Somewhere is here, now, this elliptical, this hour!  I put on my earbuds and began to the beat of Beyonce, feet and arms moving back and forth, awakening muscles that I forgot that I had. (Gluteus maximus! Latissimus dorsi! Trapezius! Gastrocnemius!)

Eventually, I found my rhythm, and I even increased the difficulty level. I realized that I was just as capable of achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle as anyone else in that gym. After thirty minutes on the elliptical and thirty minutes on the stationary bike, I walked out of Wooden feeling alive. Powerful. Fierce. And above all, confident. I was proud of myself, for challenging myself, pushing myself. I felt stronger, physically and mentally.

That Friday, I discovered that working out helps me achieve immediate confidence–and thus, it is something that I’d like to incorporate into my everyday life.

What do you do to feel more confident?

Post submitted by JoAnna


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