Start Writing!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Lzu

The hardest part of writing for many people is getting started. I know that it definitely is something that I struggle with immensely. Something that I have found helpful is to simply open a word document and start typing as thoughts fill my head without regard for grammar or relevancy; this process is known as freewriting.

Here are some other tips that may make it easier for you to start writing:

  1. Barricade the door. It must be just you, the ink, and the paper.
  2. Work in a physical and mental condition that makes you want to write.
  3. Write yourself silly.
  4. Allow your imagination to go to weird places. Nothing is off limits.
  5. Break every writing rule known to man.
  6. It’s okay if it reads like a letter from a lunatic.
  7. Steal stylistically from other writers, as all great writers do.
  8. Keep your bottom in your chair until your done.
  9. Once you’ve finished a first draft, leave it alone for days–if not weeks.
  10. Celebrate!


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