Are You Afraid of Silence?


The other day when I was in my apartment, one of my roommates said something I considered a bit odd. She said, “It’s so quiet. It’s freaking me out.” To seem sympathetic, I replied with silence.

Silence. I feel its a common practice with people of my generation to always have some sort of sound playing in the background. Whether its music, a TV, or organic conversations, we can’t seem to sit alone in silence for more than a few seconds. But why?

According to a series of observations gathered by Bruce Fell at Charles Sturt University, technology or the constant use of technology is to blame for my generation’s fear of silence. Since infancy, my generation has had their fair share of technology available to them, technology that many of us have grown dependent on.

Maybe I’m an outlier when I say that extended periods of silence are enjoyable but maybe I’m not.

How do you view silence? Does it make you uncomfortable? Does it depend? Are you afraid of silence? Or conversely, are you afraid of noise?


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