Andrea Lee’s “Three”


My first encounter with Andrea Lee was this essay published by the New Yorker in November, “Notes on the Exotic.” It is a beautiful essay about precisely what the topic names: the “exotic.” I was so floored by Andrea Lee’s writing that I decided to read all her work. Apparently, she has been publishing stories at The New Yorker since she was a student at Harvard. “Three,” published in 2007, is one of her more recent ones. It is about an American woman living in a small town in Italy (like the author herself) and three people she loves who die in quick succession. I really like Three because it has all the things I love about Andrea Lee. The prose is luxurious, self-aware but not too indulgent, the people are so real you can taste them, the story hinges on the fantastical but never quite gets there. It is also just an engaging story! It’s really hard these days for me to find stories that are both literary and fun so I was very happy to find this.

I hope you enjoy “Three” as much as I did. If not, please comment and tell me why. Find the story here.

Post submitted by Kanyin


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