What do you do about wishful thinking?

Courtesy of thepoliticalcarnival.net!

We’re all victims of the distorted perception effected by wishful thinking. It happens–and sometimes, when there’s enough distance between you and what or whom you wish for, you’re safe, it’s OK, wish away.

When there’s less distance it’s dangerous–wishful thinking is magnetic and indiscriminate to what it attracts. Anything can be construed as a sign that there’s hope for your wish to come true. You collect these “signs” and conclude from them a pseudotruth. You start to believe it.

Back in middle school, when everything was unclear (or unclear compared to the clarity I have now), when I felt like I was about to fly apart from the imploding hormones inside me, I fell madly in love with a girl named K–, who was my locker neighbor. She was also in many of my classes. And I really thought she also had something for me, a thought substantiated by moments she showed me the least bit of attention: a conversation about my hat while we were switching out our textbooks during passing period; a smile and a wave in the halls. I’d daydream about K– all day long.

What’s different between wishful thinking and dreaming? Maybe nothing. Perhaps, if I were to parse them, I’d say that dreaming is less flippant, more intense. But they’re both abstract, both uncertain and sometimes far-fetched.

How do we be more aware of wishful thinking? By talking to realistic friends. Others often have the ear for wishful thinking that we ourselves lack, are tone-deaf to.

Is there anything that you do in regards to wishful thinking? What do you wish for now? What did you wish for, and did it ever materialize? Think about it.

Posted by James


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