Republicans Are Just Silly


“We must stop politics at the water’s edge.” – Arthur Vandenburg

The forty seven Republicans who signed a letter informing the ayatollahs of Iran of how our Constitutional system works and that, based on that, that any agreement made by this President over Iran’s nuclear program will become null and void once he leaves office.  First of all, where do they get off “educating” Iranians on how our political system works?  Did the leaders of Iran not go to school and learn of such things or perhaps it was a not-so-subtle jab at Iran’s education system or its intelligence infrastructure?  Way to go Republicans!  That’ll show ‘em!  I can just see it now, a bunch of Iranian intelligence officials are standing around a giant map of the United States showing blue and red states and tugging at their beards in bewilderment.  One of them pipes up and yells, “But why do they do it?  Don’t they WANT to stay in power,” he asks, incredulously, in his faux middle-eastern Hollywood accent used by character actors to portray terrorists.  One of them smiles an evil smile and points up at an election chart, showing a smiling President Obama leading Mit Romney: “I like the black one.  I would, uh, how you say – ah yes – VOOT for him.”

Silly Republicans!  Letter-writing is for the learned!

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Posted by Paul Yim


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