Do you make time to read?

booksAs a college student, finding the time to do almost anything other than the necessities is difficult. With work, school, chores, and all the daily maintenance necessary to keep functioning (like eating, sleeping, etc.) it can seem almost impossible to fit in any time for myself, let alone time to read. But let me explain. When I say read I don’t mean the textbook I keep under my bed, or the assigned readings I have to do for class. For me, reading a book means reading one that I bought on my own. I know this sounds a little unfair, especially since sometimes college students don’t have time to read anything on the side, but reading is something that everyone should enjoy and more often than not, class readings aren’t up to par.

The last time I finished a book, cover to cover was when I read The Line by J.D. Horn. All other books I have “read” are books that I haven’t been able to finish. My bookcase is cluttered with books I wish I had time to read but what can I do?

So far audio books have helped, a lot. Commuting to and from school usually takes up about an hour of my day so this is when I’m able to sneak in a few chapters of George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. This is the easiest way for me to continue with my day and still get some sort of free reading done.

How do you read and how do you make time to read?



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