When You Don’t Press Save


It has happened to the best of us. We’ve all written masterpieces (or at least first drafts worthy of submission) that have been lost to the dark expanses of cyberspace. We’ve all forgotten to press save. Some of us have been lucky enough to experience the uniqueness of auto save but we’ve all been there. When you think you saved your work on your flash drive only to find, hours later, that the document is no where in the tiny thumb drive hanging from your computer. Or when you turn your laptop back on after it died (unexpectedly) and see that the auto save function saved a version that didn’t include your last two pages. Yes. We’ve all had those moments where nothing but utter despair and panic sweeps over us. What do we do then? What can we do to make sure this never happens to us again?

First, if this has just happened to you…don’t panic. Relax. Take a moment…and

comfort yourself with the fact that what you wrote (and now lost) probably needed to be improved. So unless you just wrote a 138 page novel that’ll be the start of the next Harry Potter series just take a breather and write down the main ideas that you last remember. Of course if you had an outline (wink, wink) this would be a whole lot easier. Which gets me to my next point…

How to prevent this catastrophe? Draw out a blueprint.

Think of any writing project you’re embarking on as a house project, AKA you’re building a house. Houses, like many other structures, need blueprints. When you’re writing a paper, short story, film script, etc. you also need some sort of a blueprint to know where you’re going. What’s your foundation (main argument, theme, message, end point), what’s your floor plan (setting/audience), how big will your house be (length of piece), what amenities will you have (how will you present your main ideas/themes/messages)…etc.

Once you have a blueprint all the different parts of your house (writing) will make building (or re-writing) a lot easier. Especially if you forget to save your work (or you blow your computer up before you can upload your paper to your drop-box). But the moral of the story still stands…

Just press save and upload your papers/stories/etc. to a reliable online site…

because you never know when your next masterpiece will be put at risk.

Post by Gabriela


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