Glimmer Train


Since I began my college studies, reading for fun has become a luxury. Instead of spending hours reading a book I enjoy, I am lucky enough when I’m able to squeeze in a few minutes of free reading time into my day. But it’s not just the time that I have to find, it’s also the environment and mood. I have to find the right setting (one where it’s nice and quite, comfortable yet not too comfortable where I fall asleep), and I have to feel in the right mood. No one wants to read anything after spending hours getting through a 50 page article on family values or 20 pages of archaeological history.

This is why I’ve turned to short stories, or anthologies. Short stories are the best way for me to sate my desire for creative fiction without over burdening myself or my schedule. More so, short stories, specifically those found in anthologies or journals, give me (as well as other readers) access to a variety of writing styles and voices in a short amount of time. One of my favorite short-story journals that accomplishes this mixture of voices is Glimmer Train.

Glimmer Train, a quarterly journal run by two sisters since 1990, publishes new short-stories on a quarterly basis and almost always features a writer that is publishing for the first time. Another avenue is The Best American Short Stories Seriespublished every year. There are also countless other anthologies published every year focused on different genres including but not limited to mystery, science fiction, women voices, and LGBTQ issues. Anyone interested in finding a way to incorporate fiction reading into their every day lives should consider anthologies. They’re a great way to read independent pieces without spending too much time free reading.

Post by Gabriela


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