California’s Bottled Water Problem


If anyone still hasn’t heard, California is in a dangerous drought. Lakes and reservoir volumes all over the state have dropped to unprecedented levels. The news of California’s draining water resources has produced such startling images that popular sites like Buzzfeed, have published list posts dedicated to California’s changing exterior. Across the internet, images of California’s draining lakes are a constant reminder of how short periods of time can cause large changes.

Yet, in this time of water shortages and rationing, water is being pumped out of California by bottled water companies.

“…companies continue pumping hundreds of millions of gallons of water every year into plastic bottles — sometimes straight from a municipal water supply.”

These companies are contributing to the already massive water shortages that have spread across the entire state. In the past 10 years, water bottle consumption has increased by 50 percent and shows no signs of decreasing. With a never ending drought and major companies like PepsiCo, pumping water out of the state, who knows when California’s water supply will recover.

For more information on the politics behind bottled water and what you can do to help visit

Drink responsibly.


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