Stars and Music on a Friday Morning

This Pop Culture post is dedicated to the sites I have found while roaming (or stumbling) through StumbleUpon. For more information on this site please visit their website.

Whenever I need mesmerizing, I visit a website called 100,000 Stars.

It’s melodic music, gives me an eerie feeling as I sit in front of my screen, imagining I’m someplace else, somewhere up there…in space. As you can infer from the web title, the site is an experimental, not 100% Screenshot 2015-05-01 at 8.37.11 AMscientifically accurate, yet still amazing, “interactive visualization of [the] stellar neighborhood.” Kind of like Google Maps, but for space, 100,000 Stars displays various other suns across our galaxy. The site also puts into context terms like light yearsby quantifying the separation between our solar system and the vicinity of other stars. It’s a good reminder of how empty space is, even though it is a vast place. The experience of 100,000 Stars however, is one that I would recommend to everyone. It is easy to forget the forces acting on us outside of our own social circles, but it is even more difficult to remember that there is a greater world out there, even if we are far removed from it.

If I’m feeling a little more creative and adventurous I visit Patatap.

Due to it’s concept, Patatap is a little more difficult to explain in detail. The site itself doesn’t offer much of an explanation when you enter, but it’s the sort of site that gives a lot of credit to the visitor. They expect you to use your human acquired trait of curiosity and figure out how the site works. After messing around with the site for a few minutes I was able to make something of the tools I was provided with. But others have been much more successful than I have. Look below for musical proof.


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