Stop Caring About What Others Think


Yesterday I vented twice to two different individuals. About the same topic. I was irritated because I felt that people were speaking on something that they did not truly know anything about. After talking about the situation, I realized that I had given too much of my attention and emotions to irrelevant opinions. I know what I did, and that is all that matters. Here are some tips, a reminder for myself first and foremost, on how to stop caring about what others think:

1. Stop Apologizing. I find that I do this way too much. Of course, it is essential to apologize when you have actually done something wrong. But if you are apologizing so much that it begins to seem like you are asking for permission to exist, it is time to reflect. There is a need to apologize for being rude. There is no need to apologize for respectfully voicing your opinions. I am learning to be unapologetically myself–take me or leave me.

2. Stop Living For Others. When I first came to college, my parents were so excited because I had decided that I was going to be a doctor. That dream came to a crashing halt after the first three weeks of school. I realized that I hated blood, hospitals, science–basically everything about medicine. I was nervous to make the phone call about my change of plans, but then I realized that I had to live for me. There are many manners in which to serve the world, and one way is no better than the other.


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