Riddle: A Night Performance

Modified by CombineZP

We have Irish green luck in our number. But first, look. There is an opal with indigo, ochre, hessonite, and ruby streaking its glittering bosom. Our admirers still have a grueling journey ahead of them. They wait as one by one, the once-coveted carriages drive away their hope and jeer at their disappointment. What to do? Sand pours down, tick tock! They must catch Apollo’s fiery chariot before it passes them by. Loop once, loop twice, throw! The chariot is hauled in with a sturdy line, and the adventurers are off again.

The acquisition was actually a glacier, groaning slowly up the mountain side, carving swirls of silt and clay and digging up ancient fossils. I’m late, I’m late! goes the White Rabbit. Frustration, haste, anticipation. The hikers get out ice picks and boots and start to climb. One step at a time, be steady, be quick! The heavy snow threatens to crowd out their air while the peak looms severely above their heads.

Now, look again. The opal has become a fire blazing motivation into the straggler’s steps. The urgent desire of the salmon pulls the tide up the raging rapids. It is easier now. The soldiers find solace in numbers and revel in the swiftly approaching end to the battle. But time drags on, and minutes turn into hours, hours into years, years into decades. There is no end in sight to the trench warfare. The warriors steel their nerves and swallow lead cakes. This is all for progress, says the state.

David approaches Goliath. But he mustn’t kill the giant; instead, he must climb. And, climb he does, dodging arrows and scrambling up the sifting skin. He reaches Goliath’s shoulder, but his oily hair has made the surface slippery and treacherous. The hero slides ominously, reaching out for a handhold. At the most precarious moment, his loving friends support him from behind. Together they wheeze and teeter up the monster’s gaping mouth, his craggy nose, and enraged eyes.

The friends reach the top at last, and no more are they adventurers, hikers, soldiers, or heroes – but our youthful selves. Our laughter rings with relief and hard-won satisfaction. We cast our view below where desperate light chasers trail down the mountainside and thank our lucky stars for taking us out of the strife in those depths.

But we cannot relax yet! Here comes the headliner in all her coy beauty. She peeks shyly from behind her costume, a smoky light grey ensemble. But she looks nervous; she has never seen such a large crowd gathered for her show before. The makeup attendants and hairdressers flit across in white billowy uniforms, hiding her from view. The initially disappointed mass notices the glorious backdrop, a glowing field of black grass, dotted with vividly colored flowers and beetles. It stretches for miles around and distract the observers from despairing of seeing the renowned actress. They throng in the front seats, madly photographing the surreal scene. After clicking out a few keepsakes, our little group exchanges bread in peace and contentment.

The light dims, and the show begins at last. The donna steps out from her grey curtains and reveals her round face. She blushes furiously, yet performs gracefully. She defends her title as the famous diva no matter how nervous she is. Everywhere, paparazzi capture her every move with unbridled glee, while her most devoted fans gaze wide-eyed at her sanguine luminescence.

The night grows older, and our starlet reconciles with the demands of the stage. She dances ponderously, wondrously, and her frail light becomes stronger and brighter. The crowd rejoices in her revelry, yet tinges of sadness cross their face; the show is nearing its end. We stand charmed for a while longer until the performance is at last over.

The donna remains on the stage in a magnificent gesture, her brilliant smile illuminating everything it touches. Meanwhile, we stumble back to our world, drunken with happiness, and making silent promises to safeguard a bit of the euphoria from that night.

Riddle: This story describes a real event that occurred in Los Angeles recently! Can you make a guess? Please comment your answer below.


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