“Do You Hear What I’m Saying” by Kori Waring

I found Carve Magazine when I was scrolling through a list of the best online literary magazines. The description of Carve Magazine made the magazine seem like an underdog, a rival to print magazines and a force to be reckoned with. When I clicked on the link, I was impressed by the clean white space of the homepage. It was bold and clear and I was driven to find out more about the fiction this online magazine was home to.

“Do You Hear What I’m Saying” by Kori Waring was the first and only short story I needed to read to subscribe to the premium edition of the magazine. Waring’s story is not only innovative, it is magical and experimental. Waring plays with literary conventions. She starts each of her sentences with “imagine.” She uses sentences as long as paragraphs that force you to catch your breath. Waring brings you into an alternate reality you can’t help but gawk at and want to return to long after you’ve finished reading. Her story is tragically beautiful and a perfect example of the world magical realism represents. Her first line is below.

Imagine you’ve tried and failed to be a writer, and, your literary dreams up in smoke, you meet a nice man, and fall in love, and decide that if you aren’t cut out to bring a unique work of art into the world, you might as well bring a unique human being into it.


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