Happiness is…

I would bottle happiness if I could.

I’d call it Bottled Joy. I’d bottle it and give it away but I don’t know what it looks like. I don’t know the formula. I just know what it feels like in the moment. I know what happiness is as it happens to me, as it fills my body with an invisible sensation I’ve come to know as joy.

I know that happiness is when you:

  1. Smile so hard you feel embarrassed.
  2. Can’t hold in a laugh anymore so it bursts out of you.
  3. Feel a moment so beautiful you think your life is complete.
  4. Eat something that inspires your senses.
  5. Find a good taco truck that isn’t too far from your house.
  6. Drop your phone but it doesn’t crack.
  7. Want to jump in the air for no reason, one fist high above your head.
  8. Laugh to yourself because you remembered something funny.
  9. Get 8 hours of sleep and feel refreshed.
  10. Make it to an early meeting on time without skipping breakfast or looking like you need a bath.
  11. Have a full closet of clothes to choose from because you’ve done your laundry.
  12. Find your ride or die.
  13. Fulfill one of your life-long dreams.
  14. Find a parking spot near the entrance.
  15. Engage in a kind act.
  16. Pay all your bills and still have money left over for food.
  17. Find something you thought you’d lost.
  18. Give a presentation and people seem interested in what you’re saying.
  19. Stay up all night but don’t feel tired the next morning.
  20. Can get street food without paying in cash.
  21. Take an exam and feel like you didn’t just fail.
  22. Start an assignment early and finish it way before the due date.
  23. Receive a gift.
  24. Drink something hot on a freezing day.
  25. Have a warm jacket to keep out the cold.
  26. Give a gift.
  27. Get home and your place is relatively clean.
  28. Don’t need to worry about where you’re going to sleep.
  29. Find cash stored in your pockets when you thought you were broke.
  30. Have a friend you can talk to.
  31. Post a tweet and someone retweets it.
  32. Get most of your followers to like one of your instagram pics.
  33. Hear a song that lifts you out of your material world.
  34. Accomplish a goal you didn’t know you could.

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