The Importance of my Red Lipstick


When I started college, I started experimenting more with makeup. I watched Youtube videos and asked my mom questions. I started developing a love for makeup that was growing way too fast. One of the first products that I found myself gravitating towards was lipstick. It was the time when MAC Cosmetics had just released their collaboration collection with Rihanna. Rihanna had always been one of those celebrities whose uniqueness and strong mindedness I appreciated. She always did her own thing and screamed confident and badass in every way possible. I wanted to embody these same qualities more myself. I bought my first MAC lipstick called “Riri Woo” and absolutely loved it. It was a blue toned matte red that fit every  type of skin color. I found my ideal lipstick.

I wore this lipstick all the time. I did not care if it was too bold for class or for my daily activities. My red lips became one of my signature things. People always described me as the curly haired girl with the red lips. It was one of the times when I started becoming more comfortable in my skin. I felt as if my lipstick was enhancing features that I never appreciated before and somehow brought this shine out of me. I learned to become more comfortable with my body and the way that I carried myself. I fought beauty standards and just kicked ass. The world around me saw me as the woman that I wanted to be seen as when I wore that red lipstick and it felt so good.

So I believe that people need to find that one reassuring thing that brings the best out of them. Whether it be something physical or emotional, it deserves to shine. Let this be the necessary secret weapon that a person needs in order to be who they want to be. These symbols are part of our identities and our growth. What brings the best out of you?


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