The Importance of Writing Prompts


Most of my completed writing stems from the after school writing workshops I attended when I was in high school. Usually these writing workshops came set up with a theme or a current issue that would get my brain flowing and ready to write. I found that, even when a topic was not related to me personally, I was still able to mold the prompt into what I wanted to make out of it.images-1

Having a writing prompt helped give my writing direction. Rather than seeing my words turn into an overwhelming river of thoughts, I was able to form cohesive sentences. This helped immensely. Having a prompt gave me the ability to write without self-editing. It stopped me from overthinking and instead I was able to freely put my thoughts on paper. It helped me trust my gut and my writing.

I also loved having writing prompts for my workshops because they were the best way to experiment with new writing styles and topics. The first list poem I every wrote came out of a writing prompt. I learned to write outside of my experiences by molding them into something different. I miss being able to attend writing workshops but I keep a list of writing prompts ready for when I want to write.


Here’s a link to some of my favorite prompts.


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