El Chapo’s Capture & Interview

Our culture’s fascination with drugs and drug lords has been at an all time high. With shows such as Breaking Bad and Narcos bringing to light that dark world, we have learned to love drug culture, even if we are not actually doing drugs.

Although a huge part of pop culture, the realities of drug rings have also been a big part of the media. With the constant news of the on going drug war in Mexico, there is one specific drug lord that always comes to mind, and that is none other than Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The most infamous and powerful drug lord in history that has managed to escape out of prison twice.

On Friday, January 8, El Chapo Guzman’s freedom was cut short. His capture has brought worldwide attention back to him. Questions of his capture have been all over media as well as the question of his next escape. Although his capture has brought a lot of attention and questions, one thing one upped the news of his capture; his first known interview with Sean Penn.

Sean Penn gives details of his experience meeting with El Chapo with the help of Mexican actress Kate del Castillo. He details his experience from the planning all the way until the actual interview. Penn has done what no media news outlet has been able to do—bring to light El Chapo and who he is personally. The world finally caught a glimpse of the myth himself since he brought more questions than answers. Questions of the Mexican government, of companies and corporations, of the on-going drug war seemed to surface more throughout Penn’s interactions with El Chapo.

For myself personally, his interview left me both more perplexed and intrigued than before. To get an intimate image of an esteemed drug lord could be either disappointing or unexpected, depending on your personal views of what makes a drug lord powerful. I was left wondering if El Chapo is who we think he is. Has the media influenced so much of our personal perspectives of him?

Check out the interview he conducted with Sean Penn here.


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