My Make-Up Routine


On my ideal days, I get to wake up early and with energy. This typically happens when I’m back at home and not thinking of my responsibilties. Of course I decide whether today I am willing to go through my makeup process. If I am not tired and woke up with more than an hour before I have to run out the door, I know I will get to go through my ideal beauty time to get prepared. This means both time to do my hair and the makeup look I have in mind.

In order to be up to even go through this ordeal, I have to think of the music I’m feeling today. Am I feeling hyphy, angry, chill, nervous? Do I wanna listen to Roach Gigz, FKA Twigs, or La Arolloadora? For the sake of this time, we’ll go with Kendrick Lamar.

After going through the usual morning routine, the first thing I wanna do is get my hair ready. I have to make sure it’s wet in order for it to get styled. Depending on how much volume I’m aiming for, I will wet my hair till my shirt starts bleeding water stains. My hair becomes a flat after  the night bun that I had it placed in. While my hair is still soaking wet, I get my holy grail Tre Semme flawless curls mousse. I run it through my fingers and my hair while I bend over and let my hair fall over my head. I than whip my hair a few times so it gets the volume that I want. I then add Suave hairspray to set it all in place.

By this time, my face should already have been washed, sprayed with toner, have applied acne cleanser, and of course put on moisturizer. I usually have all of my makeup products set on my bed because I know I’ll be running back and forth in between my mirror and my bed.

The first product I pick up is my primer. Nothing gets the job done like my Babyskin primer that erases my huge pores. The clear gel like liquid, gives my face the smoothness that I find so important before any makeup application. I than grab my foundation which I’m always interchanging between a MAC Cosmetics one and a Nars branded one. I tend to aim for foundations that give minimal coverage and or gives a natural dewy look that softens the face.

I apply my concealer next which is in liquid form. With a wet beauty blender. I blend it until it all blends in and settles into my skin. I apply a setting powder the makes the whole look even more natural.

The next step is the eyes. If I were going somewhere special or feeling especially nice, I would be applying eyeshadow but since it’s not part of my typical regimen, we’ll just skip it. It’s time to put on my liquid eyeliner which is the most difficult part. I start by putting the wings first. The length of the wings are really important and determine the accuracy. I than line mid-way through my crease and draw on the rest of my eyelid until it connects with the initial wings I drew on. I let it dry until it dries into a matte black. Once dried up, I curl my eyelashes preparing for the mascara. I typically apply two different types of mascara, one for length and the other for volume.  The eyes are all set now.

Depending again, how I’m feeling that day, I would usually go for my contour but since this is my everyday look, we’ll be sticking to blush. The blush I apply are typically rosy colored. I just like to add a bit of color to my cheeks that help give my face a pop. The next step is highlight. This is one of the most important steps if you are especially trying to make your skin look glowy. With a mini setting brush, I collect the tiny specs of rose gold sparkles. I first apply it at the side of my eyes, right where my check bones are about to start. I apply it at at the tip of my nose, my cupid’s bow and my chin. These are all the areas that I want to make sure will stand out.

After I have highlighted the necessary areas, it is time to focus on the lips. Of course the color of my lips depends on my mood and clothing. I always start with lining my lips. I line and fill in some of the rest of my lips so it blends in better with the lipstick I put over it. I apply my lipstick making sure I consistently rub my lips together.

I have finished my look and I admire my completed work. I think about how great I look and how good that makes me feel. This will usually include either taking selfies or snapchat videos. I finally feel ready to take on the world.


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