Ode to my obsession

I think about you all the time
At school, at home
When I’m talking to people
In person or on the phone.

When people say your name
I get overtly excited,
My blood begins to rush
It gets hard to fight it.

To fight the feeling of
Seeing, tasting, and touching.
Warmth, softness,
I can’t help but blushing.

You’re too much to handle,
Too enjoyable to be with you.
But I’m not supposed to love this
It’s forbidden and shamed.
If I were to give you a flower
I’d be doing it in vain.

You’re not for me
I must admit it,
But I still love you
My passion will never quit.

I’ll always remember, the feelings
The sweetness you filled me with.

But I was only meant to consume you
That what you’re made for.
Your brown crusty outside
Is what makes you a bread roll.

Bakers are the magicians
That dough you into life
I am only an apprentice,
I am not fit to do you right.

So I say my tearful goodbye
Until we meet again.
When I buy you at the corner store,
I’ll pass the cashier my sweaty ten.





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