40 Love Letters by Jeanann Verlee


There is something we all love about love poems. Even if we technically kind of don’t, we still love those poems that stick out. I first came across “40 Love Letters” when I was randomly looking at poems on Youtube. I have this guilty pleasure of looking at love poems and seeing which one fills me with the most emotion. “40 Love Letters” was just a perfect reminder of how different each one of our “lovers” or significant others are. Each person has their own stories and experiences that make them unique, whether it is good or bad.


It is a quick reminder also of how we love and deal with such feelings. As a person that does not express much love, I find love poems the perfect way to let out those feelings. Verlee’s poem is a good way to deal both with the heart break and the one you loved the most.  I commend her honesty and ability to share such details of heartbreak, love, trust, and all the good and bad that come along with loving other people. This is definitely a poem that will give you all the Valentine feels whether you have a boo or not.


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