Beyonce’s Formation blew many people’s minds away and is still a highly talked about topic. The think pieces keep flying and coming through all over the internet. Whether it be the actual music video or the Super Bowl performance, Beyonce brought her Blackness in full swing. Think pieces are either critiquing Beyonce taking pride in her Black features and her addressing the issue of police brutality or they are loving every moment of it.

Of course with the love, comes the hate. Many people are finding Beyonce’s song and Super Bowl performance as a bit too pro-black. With anything pro-black, comes many questions and fear from other racial and ethnic groups.

This performance lead too many people giving their two cents in the situation with many taking it to another level and wanting Beyonce to get investigated. This lead to a boycotting of the NFL for having Beyonce perform at the Superbowl. With this boycott came with an “anti-Beyonce” rally. This rally did not bring in any supporters. Instead the headquarters were found empty and Beyonce is probably laughing at the attempt to stop her. A round of applause to Beyonce and her song and video that took being proud of one’s features, race, and culture etc. to a whole different level.


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