5 Posts on Writing Great Papers

As a part of Archives Week, enjoy some of The Waterhole‘s most intriguing posts from past bloggers. Today’s focus is: Writing Great Papers. Hope this helps you plan ahead for finals/midterms.

1 – Topic Sentences

-The essential element of every topic sentence is its connection to the greater overarching thesis statement.- (1)

2 – Catchy Titles

Make sure your title includes a few key words that sum up the message of the paper.

3 – The Secret to Good Writing

Clarity and conviction relate more to the technical aspects of writing effectively. There is one more thing that creates powerfu

4 – Organizing Your Thoughts

Deconstructing your essay into a simple chart can make the pre-writing and brainstorming process more manageable, especially for

5 – Research Papers

A research paper is a presentation of ideas based on the investigation of a certain topic or subject.





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